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Karan Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. based at Khambhat, Gujarat is a leading Manufacturer of Trichloroacetyl Chloride(TCAC) and Chloro Acetyl Chloride(CAC). The main objective of the Company is “To carry on manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and pesticides (intermediates)”. The Company is managed by qualified, experienced and dynamic promoters having wide experience and a pragmatic approach towards business. KIPL has a vast experience in the Chlorination process and different chlorinated derivative products and is one of the largest manufacturers of TCAC and CAC in India.



In the year 2016, Manufacturing Inception of Chloro Acetyl Chloride(CAC)by a team of Gujarati Promoters in a land of 3 acres.
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In the year of 2018, TerraTech Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. joined hands with Karan Intermediates Pvt. Ltd, Khambhat and did a 50:50 Venture, creating synergy for the organization in manufacturing Chlorinated compounds.
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In the year of 2020, Karan Intermediates plant was taken into expansion with new land acquisition and addition of more products (TRICHLOROACETYL CHLORIDE (TCAC)) , with the total Land area to 8 acres.
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In the Year of 2022, TerraTech Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. acquired Karan Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. Khambhat, making it it’s 100% wholly owned subsidiary.

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Expert and Experienced Team with State of the Art QC Facility for constant evaluation of product quality throughout the manufacturing process.

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Highly Qualified, experienced and Service oriented management

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Largest Manufacturer

One of India’s Largest Manufacturers with Optimum Capacity Utilisation – 12,000MTPA.