Welcome to Karan Intermediates

M/s. Karan Intermediates Pvt Ltd is a Private Limited Company established on 13/07/1994 wide company registration No. 04.22481-94-95. The main object of the Company is “to carry on manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and pesticides”. The Company his manage by qualified, experienced and dynamic promoter having wide experience and  pragmatic approach towards business.

The company is at present having very good customer base and is having very steady business.

KIPL has a vast experience in chlorination process and different chlorine derivation products.

Currently company manufacturers three products ie Mono Chloro Acetic Acid,Chloro Acetyl Chloride and Tri Choloro Acetyl Chloride.

KIPL is one of the largest manufacturers of CHLOROACETYL CHLORIDE in India.

We have a state of art manufacturing facility situated at KHAMBHAT, ANAND state: GUJRAT